Actions: Storing Your Segments

Save your search criteria and create lists of segments and followers

I applied Filters and I have a List of followers who all have something in common. What do I do now?


On the SocialRank platform, there are so many different tools that make it easier for you to track and grow your follower base. You don’t have to resort to exporting a list to CSV, you can keep all your segments stored on the platform where you can refer back to them, compare them over time, and segment them even further


You can do all that with ACTIONS: that useful little green drop-down right underneath your search bar!

Let’s go back to that athleisure company who wants to grow their follower base among fitness micro-influencers. First, you want to search among your followers, so you apply the filters you want to your Follower Report:

You get your results: great, but you might want to keep using this search criteria for each monthly refresh, and don’t want to spend too much time applying filters.


Save your Search Query

Save all your filters for you to access anytime under: “Searches”


Name your search to find it easily again!

Now every time you get a monthly refresh, you can apply your saved search to see which new followers belong in this segment. This is invaluable for tracking growth among different segments of your audience.


The results of a Saved Search change based on new followers fitting that criteria over time.

But you might also want to save the results of your search, like a snapshot. You can do that too: we call it a List.



Lists are essential for organizing your segments.  You can:

  • Keep a master list of influential followers you want to reach out to
  • Identify and track key metrics of your Ideal Audience in conjunction with Cerebro
  • Track conversion over time using the Compare Tool to find audience overlap
  • Separate and compare segments of your audience to find the differences in their metrics

Back to our athleisure company: You’re located in the UK, and you want to find localized micro-influencers who can help spread word of mouth for your brand but still keep your international shipping costs low.

You add some filters and narrow your list down to 172 of your followers who meet your criteria:



Now you want to save these influencers into a list that you can refer back to in the future.


Click that green Actions dropdown, and click Create SocialRank List

Name your list, and click “Add current search results to this list”, and all those profiles will be saved together in a segment.


With our Actions tab, you can move past CSVs and start to save and organize your data in a way that is dynamic, convenient, and interactive. 

If you really want to export to CSV, add it onto your monthly plan by emailing us at

Next, we’ll show you our other database, over 10M reports that you can segment as if they were your own!