Access the custom audience data or performance insights that suit your business and client needs.

Your audience hub.

Enhance your community and social media management services with SocialRank to increase engagement and grow

  • Track engaged and influential fans for multiple profiles
    • Folders not only organize multiple accounts into one place, but also present data on those accounts in one combined report
      • For example, if you have clients in the entertainment industry, you can group them all into one folder to view the influential fans in that particular space
  • Identify the top community members or brand fans
    • Identify micro-influencers who consistently engage in your posts using SocialRank for Content
    • Use the bio keyword filter to identify followers who speak about certain subjects, have certain interests, or post from certain locations
  • Analyze content and keywords that drive engagement
    • SocialRank for Content allows you to analyze of your posts to dig deeper into the who, how and what around content performance

Become a one of a kind agency.

Sell more and outperform competing agencies with custom audience data that’s highly primed for conversion

  • Analyze any public social profile to reach new similar audiences
    • Market Intel gives you access to the 10 million+ Reports that have been run on our database and enables you to do competitive analysis, discovery and vetting of audiences and influencers, as well as industry analysis from one clean, central location
  • Increase client ROI with extremely low cost leads
    • Cerebro will let you view the over 2 billion Profile Information Cards we’ve ever run on our database across Instagram and Twitter.
    • You can use this to create a short list of potential leads, influencers or customers and identify specific audience segments you’d like to target
  • Target custom audiences and lower your CPC on Twitter
    • Export desired audience segments into a CSV that can be uploaded directly to Twitter Tailored Audiences to enable highly customized ad messaging

The influencer tool.

Leverage our data to power research,  influencer marketing, targeting and strategy planning

  • Monitor high performing industry accounts for market research
    • Combine multiple audiences in a folder to generate industry reports and unique audience segments
    • By compiling competitor accounts, you can start to look at dynamic audience segments that can’t be found anywhere else and find qualified audiences or influencers to target for your campaigns
  • Vet influencer engagement, audience and analyze overlap to track ROI
    • Use Comparisons to view:
      • Audience overlap with your brand to ensure you are reaching a new audience
      • Audience overlap with influencers you are currently working with or have worked with in the past
      • Tracking follower conversion by measuring how many mutual followers you had at the beginning of a campaign vs. at the end of a campaign
  • Uncover audience affinities to strategize and improve targeting

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