Analyzing Folders (Combined Report)

The Combined Report lets you see all the unique followers of the accounts in one report view. The combined report removes all of the duplicate profiles. For example, if one account follows multiple accounts in the folder, they show up only once. This can be very useful in understanding industry interests, demographic, geographic and audience size on social.

To view the Combined Report:

  1. View the Folder in the dropdown menu
  2. Select "View the Combined Report"

Folder Occurrences Count

To dive even deeper into the Combined Report, you can use the Folder Occurrences Count filter to show accounts that appear in the combined report multiple times.

In the example below, there is "Sports Leagues" Folder that contains reports for the NBA, NFL and MLB, you can use the Folder Occurrences Count to see which profiles show up in one account, 2 accounts, or all 3 to determine audience size of the different leagues combined.

Folder Occurrances Count

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