Building Lists through a Profile Information Card


  1. Use Cerebro or a report to filter the results down to a specific market segment or persona that you are looking for
  2. Click on a Profile that you’d like to save to a list
  3. Click "+ add to SocialRank list" on their Profile Information Card under the "Appears in Lists" section

    Add to SocialRank list|
  4. You can create a new SocialRank list from the drop down or search for existing SocialRank lists and add the profile to that list

    Create new SocialRank List
  5. The "Appears in Lists" section will update to reflect the lists it appears in

    Appears in List

Please Note: This method will add the profile itself to the SocialRank list, not the Followers/Following report. See the article Adding Followers/Following Reports to a List for more information.

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