Competition & Industry Analysis

Find your competitor or industry’s top fans and analyze the market.

Understanding competitor’s behaviors and audience helps shape positioning, pricing, and help you build a strategy for differentiation. SocialRank can give you these insights and also a look into your particular industry to identify opportunities for community growth.

Competitive Intelligence - Uncovering Actionable Data

  • Understanding your potential audience
    • Use comparison reports to research competitors and see what their audiences are versus yours
    • Viewing this audience overlap can also enable some opportunities for business development, as you can see profiles that are following a similar brand/product/service and can be qualified buyers
  • Refine insights on interests and behaviours to create more targeted ads
    • Viewing a competitor’s following report and a summary of their audience can give you more insight into what that audience is posting about and what they care about
    • You can use this data to and translate it into creative specifically for your competitor’s audience

Industry Reports

  • Combine multiple audiences in a folder to generate industry reports and unique audience segments
    • Ex. Adding the NBA, NFL & MLB into one folder and viewing the combined report of that folder will give you insights into the professional sports league’s audience
    • By compiling competitor accounts, you can start to look at dynamic audience segments that can’t be found anywhere else and find qualified audiences or influencers to target for your campaigns
  • Connecting with influential industry leaders who are not following you
    • Sorting by “most valuable” will identify the most in demand profiles in the industry to connect with