Foster community by activating super fans and engaged micro influencers. Convert customers into brand advocates and acquire new business. 

The influencer tool.

Eliminate the guesswork and use data from SocialRank to help with influencer strategy, selection and validation

  • Discover engaged influencers who are aligned with your brand
    • Sorting your follower base by most valuable followers will reveal influencers already engaged with your brand
    • Filtering for specific criteria such as verification, location, follower size and more helps surface the ideal influencers
  • Vet influencer engagement, audience and analyze overlap to track ROI
    • Use Comparisons to view:
      • Audience overlap with your brand to ensure you are reaching a new audience
      • Audience overlap with influencers you are currently working with or have worked with in the past
      • Tracking follower conversion by measuring how many mutual followers you had at the beginning of a campaign vs. at the end of a campaign

A whole new perspective.

Quantify and segment key audiences for brand accounts to manage, engage and reward communities based on data

  • Discover, engage and reward top brand fans and advocates
    • Identify micro-influencers who consistently engage in your posts using SocialRank for Content
    • Use the bio keyword filter to identify followers who speak about certain subjects, have certain interests, or post from certain locations
  • Identify influential fans by location
    • Sorting by most valuable and while using SocialRank for Content and location filters surface the most relevant fans for activation
  • Drive advocacy and loyalty with personalized or exclusive offers
    • Export desired audience segments into a CSV that can be uploaded directly to Twitter Tailored Audiences to enable highly customized ad messaging

If you have any questions, reach out to support@trufan.io.