Creating a List using CSVs

Upload an existing list customers, influencers or any other groupings of users via CSV.

  1. Click the "Lists" or "Actions" filter on any Report (both will initiate the same workflow)
  2. Click "Create a new SocialRank list"

    Create a new SocialRank List
  3. Enter a name for your list and choose "Import Twitter / Instagram profiles from CSV file"

    Create a new List from CSV
  4. Attach the CSV file!

    1. Your CSV file should be a single column of handles with no header.
    2. There should be no @ symbols in your list- if you have @ handles in your CSV, using search and replace will fix this easily!
    1. Note: The upload may take a few minutes depending on the size of list

Please Note: Creating a Twitter List does not create a corresponding Instagram List and vice-versa.

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