Convert consumers who just buy to advocates who buy in.

Leverage countless low-cost leads primed for conversion to increase sales and engagement. Simplify community management and grow by applying powerful word-of-mouth marketing to social media.

The influencer tool.

Grow your social presence and develop authenticity by optimizing influencer marketing strategy and targeting

  • Discover engaged influencers who are aligned with your brand
    • Sorting your follower base by most valuable followers will reveal influencers already engaged with your brand
    • Filtering for specific criteria such as verification, location, follower size and more helps surface the ideal influencers
  • Vet influencer engagement, audience and analyze overlap to track ROI
    • Use Comparisons to view:
      • Audience overlap with your brand to ensure you are reaching a new audience
      • Audience overlap with influencers you are currently working with or have worked with in the past
      • Tracking follower conversion by measuring how many mutual followers you had at the beginning of a campaign vs. at the end of a campaign

Your social CRM.

Separate your audience into relevant segments for sales and growth, then implement strategic actions.

  • Identify specific segments of fans to create tailored messages for customer acquisition and loyalty
    • Use the bio keyword filter to segment your audience by self-identifiers (ex. Bloggers, businesses, photographers, etc) and the words, hashtags and emojis filter for recent, relevant topics your audience has been posting about
  • Activate engaged micro-influencers to create word-of-mouth
    • Identify micro-influencers who consistent engage in your posts using SocialRank for Content
    • Use the bio keyword, words, hashtags & emojis and location filters to identify followers who speak about certain subjects, have certain interests, or post from certain locations

Depth over width.

Improve conversion with promotions targeting at primed low cost leads with custom audience data

  • View competitor’s follower reports as if they were your own
    • Identify audience overlap with competitors and identify qualified leads via comparisons
  • Analyze and target industry, community or influencer fans
    • Folders not only organize multiple accounts into one place, but also present data on those accounts in one combined report
      • For example, if you can add influencers in a specific space (ex. fitness) to a folder to view their combined following, total reach, the most influential fans in that space and a high level summary of all followers

If you have any questions, reach out to support@trufan.io.