Exporting to CSV

Applies to: Enterprise Plans

If you would like the capability to export to CSV, contact us at support@trufan.io to add it to your plan

Exporting data from SocialRank enables you to share the data with your team, present at a meeting, or plug the data into other tools to further engage your audience, for example, with targeted campaigns.

To Export to a CSV:

  1. Use Cerebro or a report to filter the results down to a specific market segment or persona that you are looking for
  2. Click the "Actions" button
  3. Select "Export to CSV file"

    Export to CSV File

  4. You have the option to decide how many Followers to export and to name the export
  5. Select all data points that you would like to include in the CSV export

    Export to CSV Options
  6. Click "Export CSV"

CSV Exports take place in the background. You will receive an email once the CSV file is ready to be downloaded, or you can click the "Exports" option in the top navigation bar to view all exports, their status and the link to download them.

We export CSV files that are in Twitter Tailored Audience format – no headers, all lowercase, and no @ sign before a handle. You can take this CSV export and upload it into Twitter Tailored Audiences to re-market to users who have already expressed an interest in your brand. 

If you occasionally need to export to CSV, we have add-ons available.

Contact support@trufan.io to inquire.

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If you have any questions, reach out to support@trufan.io