Exporting to PDF

Customize your Summary Page by selecting data points and adding comments to create a visually dynamic PDF to share with your team and partners


This feature lets you export the data on the Summary Page into a PDF.

To Export to a PDF:

  1. Use Cerebro or a report to filter the results down to a specific market segment or persona that you are looking for
  2. Click the "Actions" button
  3. Select "Export to PDF"

    Export to PDF
  4. Select all data points that you would like to include in the CSV export
    • You can also choose to group locations by different geographical masses
  5. Add any comments you want to the PDF
    • The header and comment body will show up at the top of the exported PDF

      Export to PDF Options
    • This is most commonly used for free-typed analysis or action suggestions
  6. Click "Export PDF"

PDF Exports take place in the background. You will receive an email once the PDF file is ready to be downloaded, or you can click the "Exports" option in the top navigation bar to view all exports, their status and the link to download them.

If you have any questions, reach out to support@trufan.io