Guiding Marketing Decisions

Understanding your Audience.

Understanding your audience is the foundation of any vertical of marketing. Many tools provide you with market insights, however, the more granular you go, the more targeted you can make your campaigns and messaging. A detailed and focused understanding of your audience will help you determine where to focus your time and increase the likelihood of connecting with users who will resonate with your content, brand, product or service.

Understand your audience’s activity at a deeper level

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The summary page gives you a comprehensive overview of your audience. It shows you:

  • Your audience’s activity
    • If they have posted recently – which can aid in pinpointing inactive or abandoned accounts
    • Types of posts they are sharing – which can add direction to the style of content your team creates
    • Profanity in their posts – for deeper insights into their content
  • Self-identifiers
    • Popular Bio Keywords – can help narrow in on a target segment of your overall audience, or identify the job title, interests and other characteristics that make up your audience (such as “blogger”, “athlete”, “entrepreneur”)

SocialRank also breaks down data based off of the most recent posts of your audience to help direct future content decisions.

Know when to post

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  • Leading times your audience is posting – informs you when your audience is typically online and the best times to share content with your specific audience, or segment of an audience
  • Popular hashtags – can provide insights into trends to include in messaging to provoke engagement

Know what to post


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  • Popular hashtags and emojis – provides insights into what content your audience is posting and can aid in matching tone and tailoring messaging

Receive granular details on content engagement

SocialRank for Content allows you to dive past the number of likes and comments on a single post and analyze every single point of engagement as well as an overview of overall post performance.

Some filters you can apply to the profiles who engaged with a post include:

  • Filtering to see each comment and when, chronologically, that comment was made
  • Filtering to see who tagged another User, view that comment and see exactly what that comment said to evaluate sentiment
  • Filter to see most the engaged followers who interacted with your content to help identify your superfans

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Posts can be analyzed one by one, or can be analyzed in bulk by grouping them into Lists. Analyzing all of the posts involved in a campaign can reveal trends in the audiences that are engaging and can help direct content creation for the next posts.