Logging In

Account Access Help

If you have already signed up and paid for your SocialRank account and are unable to access the platform, please ensure that you have checked the following steps before reaching out to our support team.

  1. Check for a setup invitation email in the email address you signed up with. This may take up to 24 hours to receive upon your subscription to the platform. (See example below)

    Account Activation Email
  2. Ensure that you are using your unique SocialRank subdomain to access your account page.
    • Every user/organization receives a subdomain in their activation email and welcome email that must be used in order to access the platform
    • The subdomain is the word or acronym in the webpage that comes before "socialrank.com". For example, our team's domain is - trufan.socialrank.com
    • If a unique subdomain is not used, you will not be able to access the login screen to sign-in to your account (See example below)

      SocialRank Login Page
  3. Try resetting your password.
    • If you are unsure whether your login details are correct, click on the "Forgot Password?" button on your team's login webpage and try to reset your password.
  4. Contact support@trufan.io
    • If you have covered all the bases listed above and are still are experiencing difficulties, please contact support@trufan.io and one of our support representatives will get back to you promptly.