Identifying & Activating Engaged Audiences

Finding engaged users, inviting them to events, VIP experiences and sending out tailored offers.

Hosting events and creating unique experiences provides a way for your fans to engage with your brand in a novel way. They help build your grassroots communities, while increasing brand awareness and facilitates opportunities for organic in-person connections that fans can associate with your brand. Rewarding engaged fans with these experiences helps them connect even deeper with the brand and can turn them into advocates.

Discovering your most engaged fans

  • Start with your audience
    • Sorting by “most engaged” or “best follower” on Twitter identifies the most engaged fans
  • With SocialRank for Content, you can also find fans that have engaged in your posts
    • Using comparison reports, you can compare the audiences that engaged with multiple posts and identify fans that are continually engaging with your content
  • Use Lists to centralize these fans, and view the summary page to get an idea of how they self-identify, what they are posting about, and their activity

Events and local activations

  • The location filter limit your searches to the location the event/experience is
  • Cerebro helps you identify local influencers to increase relevance and reach of the event

Promotions and Giveaways

  • If your brand offers a promotion or giveaway, creating a post and analyzing the engagement will show you all of the people that are engaging and what they are saying

Driving Action

  • Use SocialRank with Twitter Custom Audiences to connect 1:1 with your fans
    • SocialRank can export the Twitter handles into a format that can be uploaded directly into Twitter Custom Audiences which targets each handle
  • Instagram currently does not have a 1:1 reach out feature, however, knowing your audience can help you tailor direct messages to your superfans to activate them