How influencers leverage SocialRank to understand their audience, track social growth, and gain industry and competitive insights.

Understand your Audience

  • Get a macro overview of your followers and what matters to them
    • The Summary Page gives you a snapshot of all of your followers
    • Popular bio words, hashtags and emojis can help you narrow in on a target demographic, provide insight toward the appropriate trends to include in messaging to provoke engagement and match the overall tone of your audience 
  • Finding and supporting sponsorship/partnership deals with audience data
    • Audience Overlap using Comparisons enables you to compare your audience to a potential sponsor or partner’s audience
    • You want to make sure that you are partnering with a brand who you and your followers will resonate with and be able to show that you can provide them with a new audience they have not yet reached
    • Your Summary Page also includes key demographic information (such as gender and location information) that brands are looking for
  • Identify your top performing posts and analyze the engagement on any of your posts
    • Your Profile Information Card breaks down your profile engagement metrics as well as your top performing posts
    • SocialRank for Content allows you to analyze of your posts to dig deeper into the who, how and what around content performance

Tracking Social Growth

  • Measure and view your social growth over time
    • When Follower Reports are pulled on a cadence (for example, every month) you are able to quantify your audience growth and have a starting point to analyze what specific activities led to the growth
  • Identify the most recent, influential followers of your account to turn engagement into opportunities

Industry & Competitive Insights:

  • Analyze the audiences of similar influencers to drive collaboration and gain insights on similar audiences
  • Discover the top performing pieces of content for influencers in your space
  • Analyze engagement on any public post to gain deeper insights
    • Use SocialRank for Content to dive deep into engagement on a particular post to view all likes and comments as well as the audience/community around it (what demographic is engaging with a post, the largest accounts engaging with a post, and other topics the audience is talking about)

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