Instagram won't send my Data Download- what do I do?

Instagram is required to send your data to you, but what happens if you've been waiting for a while?

Your Follower Report is generated when you upload a text file containing a list of your followers to the SocialRank platform, and matches with our database of over 1B profiles.


We rely on the data provided by Instagram to generate these reports for you. This is the most compliant way to get your data, and the most reliable.


If you're having a hard time getting your data, we empathize! Huge companies can be impenetrable but all of our clients, large and small, have gotten their data with a bit of persistence, usually by the third request.


Remember, it's your right to obtain your own data from Instagram, especially something as simple as a list of your followers. We wish there was more that we could do!


If delays from Instagram have lasted more than 2 weeks, feel free to email support and we can adjust your billing cycle to compensate for the time lost.


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