Cerebro- A Database of Profiles

Discover a new audience in our database of ~1B profiles.

Applies to:

Premium Annual Subscriptions, Legacy Plans, and Enterprise Plans

If you would like to access this feature, contact support@trufan.io to upgrade!

All our users have access to Cerebro, our database of information on all the profiles we’ve analyzed so far on our platform. There are about 1.3 Billion individual profiles on both Instagram and Twitter, and the best part?

You can segment and analyze all of those profiles as if they were in your follower report.


How is Cerebro useful to me?

Cerebro can help you:

  • Identify your “ideal follower” by filtering over 1B profiles based on their persona or brand affinity
  • Target your audience growth to specific locations
  • Find influencers and micro-influencers within the exact industry, location, and audience size to help you grow your brand

How Do I Find Cerebro?

Click on your search bar, then on the button for Twitter or Instagram Cerebro.



The list of profiles will show up. You’ll see that the default Sort is Most Followed, and that each handle in the list will have its own corresponding Profile Information Card.



From here, you can filter and segment exactly how you want!


Let’s say we're a UK-based athleisure brand seeking out new faces to represent our brand and expand our reach.

From the Cerebro homepage, we go up to Filters, and simply apply the filter criteria we're looking for.


We now have almost 800 possibilities for partnerships with micro-influencers in the industry we want, with the audience size we want, who are also in the UK!



From here, we can also look at the Summary Report to see high-level data about this audience. We can get some insights into how best to reach them, like what hashtags they’re using, what bio keywords they have in common, and when they’re most engaged on the platform.


This Summary Report, like we mentioned before, is dynamic. That means you can use Instagram or Twitter Cerebro to get insights into so many different segments, and looking at popular bio keywords can give you some ideas about how to adjust your future searches.

Cerebro is an amazing resource to predict, target, and manage your growth, but it’s more than that. It’s one of the most powerful tools for discovery out there.