Lists Overview

Compile and save segments or lists of profiles to get actionable insights

Applies to: All subscriptions in SocialRank

A List is a collection of profiles that you can compile and save in your SocialRank account, so that you can refer back to it, use it to compare with your audience, and create a personalized database based on your specific needs.

You can build lists using the results you get from sorting and filtering either your own audience, or a potential new audience that you curate using Cerebro. 

For example, if you are looking for up-and-coming makeup artists in the New York area to invite to an event, you can search for accounts in New York that happen to have the word ‘makeup artist’ in their bio and add any profile you discover to a List called “NYC Makeup Artists”.

If you are a brand or agency that has previously built lists of customers, influencers or any other groupings of users, you can also create a list by uploading handles or Twitter/Instagram IDs via CSV files.

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