Market Intelligence- A Database of Reports

Access to over 10 Million Reports at your fingertips.

Applies to: All subscriptions in SocialRank

Market Intel gives you access to the 10 million+ Reports that have been run on our database.

If any SocialRank user has ever run a report for a handle/profile, it populates in the Market Intel database and becomes available for any user to view, filter, segment and analyze.

Market Intel enables users to do competitive analysis, discovery and vetting of audiences and influencers, as well as industry analysis from one clean, central location. 

To view Reports in Market Intel:

  1. Type in the handle you are looking to get data on in the Search bar
  2. If a report has been requested for that handle, it will show up in the "Reports Available Immediately" section of the dropdown
    • These are the reports that are available with Market Intel
  3. If a report shows up under the "Reports Needing Processing" section of the drop down, no user has requested that report yet, and it is not currently part of Market Intel. If you'd like to request a report for a handle that has never been run, click here to learn how.


Check out our article on Competition & Industry Analysis for some ideas about how to leverage this feature!


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