Profile Information Cards

Applies to: All subscriptions in SocialRank

Profile Information Cards give you a snapshot summary containing the most relevant details of a profile. It allows you to see a concise overview of any profile within the audience you are interested in. Clicking on the handle in the profile’s Information Card takes you directly to that account on Twitter or Instagram in a separate tab.

  1. Overview
  2. Actions (Twitter Only)
  3. Appears in Lists
  4. Top Performing Tweets/Posts
  5. Most used words, hashtags, and emojis
  6. Private Accounts


Profile Information Card

Please Note: Metrics on Profile Information Cards are collected and presented based on analyzing a profile’s content over a set period of time. Discrepancies in data on the platform and on Instagram may be due to the profile card not having been refreshed. If you would like to have the profile data of a specific group of profiles updated please contact and we will do our best to accommodate.



Profile Information Card Overview


The basic information that you find in a profile contains relevant information that you are also able to filter and/or sort by. This includes info such as their bio, location, associated website, engagement rate, number of followers/following and more.

If you would like to learn more about sorting/filtering or if you would like to know how some of the following metrics are measured - find the article on sorting here and the article on filtering here.

Actions (Twitter Only)


Actions on Twitter


On Twitter you are able to see the relationship between a profile within a Report Profile’s audience and the Report Profile itself. As exemplified in the picture above, this allows you to see whether two accounts follow each other or if the following is only one-sided.

Appears in Lists


Appears in List


If you are utilizing Lists on SocialRank, which we highly recommend, then profile information cards will include which lists profiles have been added to! This allows you to not get mixed up and add the same account into lists more than once or if you’re creating a shared list with team members then you can each see which lists profiles are already included in. 

To check out our article on lists click here.

Top Performing Posts/Tweets


Top Performing Posts/Tweets

The profile information card also includes an account's top performing tweets (on Twitter) or posts (on Instagram). ‘Top Performing" meaning that the posts or tweets had the most likes + comment + retweets (only on Twitter). 

While on Twitter this is the best tweets of an account’s entire history, for Instagram it is the top performing posts of an account within a limited time range from when the profile card was last updated.

Most used words, hashtags, and emojis


Most Used words, hashtags & emojis


You are also able to see a profile’s most commonly used words, hashtags, and emojis, as well as the frequency in which they were used. 

By clicking on any of the words, hashtags, or emojis, it will automatically filter the audience for you to show you other profiles that have also used it in their posts/tweets.

Private Accounts

If an account is private, this will limit the amount of information that you are able to see on their Profile Information Cards. 

On Twitter, you are able to see all the information that a public account would show with the exception of “Top Performing Tweets”. 


Private Accounts 1


On Instagram, you will only be able to see their name, handle, bio, website, number of followers/following, and number of posts.


Private Accounts 2

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