Show Summary

A dynamic report of your high-level data

A Summary is a snapshot of view of a particular segment from a Report, List, or Search Result. It's always available at the top of your Dashboard:



It offers valuable macro-level data, such as follower distribution, popular times to post, and popular hashtags, bio keywords, and emojis across your audience. 

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What’s the difference between a Summary and a Report?

Reports organize and rank your followers in a list format. They contain data about each individual in your audience and allow you to target specific segments and profiles.

Summaries are overviews of your segments. They’re dashboards that combine all that individual profile information to show you the patterns and trends in your data. They are visual and dynamic, ideal for presentations.


How is a Summary dynamic?

As you add filters, the Summary will update immediately to reflect the changes in the audience you’re segmenting. Does your audience with >5,000 followers use different hashtags, emojis, or bio keywords than your audience with <500 followers? Find out, and use those insights to drive growth toward a more valuable audience.

What Can I Use It For?

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They give you an overview of who your audience is, where they are in the world, how they identify themselves, what they value, and how they interact with social media.

You can also find insights into how your audience is growing over time. Do you have more followers in Europe this month than last month? Is your audience growing among people who identify with certain bio keywords?

A summary can also offer guidance about when is best to post. See a visual representation of when your audience is most engaged on social media. 


Next, we’ll talk about going beyond your own follower report: let’s build and grow your audience to benefit your brand!