Organize an audience to see the most relevant profiles first.

Applies to: All subscriptions in SocialRank

Sorting involves organizing an audience. It allows you to conveniently order profiles within datasets to see the most relevant profiles first.


You can sort in seven different ways:

See below for detailed explanations on each sorting capability. 

Most Valuable:

  • Sorting by “Most Valuable” is our default metric, showing followers who have a large audience engaged with their content.
  • Most Valuable is determined by a combination of factors such as: follower to following ratio, engagement rate, account verification (Twitter only) and many more data points
  • Engagement Rate is a huge factor in our determination of your followers' value. Here's a breakdown of engagement rate:

Most Engaged (Twitter Only):

  • Sorting by “Most Engaged” shows you the profiles within an audience that have shown the most engagement in the past 14 days
  • Most Engaged is calculated by primarily focusing on Retweets, Mentions, and Replies.
  • Most Engaged is a great metric for individuals and brands to identify the accounts that engage with them the most. A brand can reward their Most Engaged and turn them into brand champions
  • You can also click the "Show Engagement" button and see the context of the engagement

Best Follower (Twitter Only):

  • Sorting by “Best Follower” combines the most valuable and most engaged profiles within an audience and surfaces the larger accounts engaging with you to the top
  • Essentially, your Best Follower is your Most Valuable follower who has actually engaged with you. This allows you to filter out accounts who have shown engagement but have a relatively small presence as well as accounts who are valuable but haven’t engaged with you

Most Followed

  • Sorting by “Most Followed” is pretty straightforward. It sorts your audience list by the total number of followers. People with the most followers will rise to the top. That’s it!

Profiles Sorted A-Z

  • This allows you to sort your audience alphabetically. This can turn your SocialRank into an address book

Chronological (Newest/Oldest)

  • The “Chronological (Newest)” Sort lets you rearrange your audience by newest follower first.
  • While the “Chronological (Oldest)” Sort lets you rearrange your audience by oldest follower first. These are your OG followers - treat them with respect! :-)

Engagement (Engagement Rate, Average Retweets/Comments, and Average Likes)

  • Sorting by “Engagement Rate” rearranges an audience by the highest engagement rate (which is calculated as avg. retweets/comments + avg. likes over number of followers)
  • Sorting by “Average Retweets/Comments” rearranges an audience by those who get the most retweets (on Twitter) or comments (on Instagram) on average
  • Sorting by “Average Likes” rearranges an audience by those who get the most likes on average


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