Summary Page

A clean, dynamic snapshot of your data

The Summary page gives you a snapshot of all your followers, search query or a list you’ve made. This “macro” data of your followers includes sections about Follower Activity, Follower Distribution, Top Follower Locations, Popular bio words, Gender, Popular time of posting, Popular words in posts, and Popular hashtags in posts and more.

The Summary is dynamic, meaning that the data shown in the summary is reflective of the filters you apply to the report. For example, if I filter a Report by location (followers who mostly post in Toronto) and view the Summary report, the data on the Summary report will only show data for those Followers who mostly post in Toronto.

This is where you can get creative and as specific as you want. For instance, you can use the Bio Keyword filter to look at the number of profiles that self identify as bloggers that are following you. You can see exactly what percentage of them are active by looking at the Follower Activity data, and what content they’re talking about by looking at popular hashtags in posts and popular emojis in posts. This will help you be smarter in your approach to build a relationship, resulting in more engagement and activity with that audience.

You are also able to export the Summary Page to a PDF for sharing with your team or presentations.

To view the Summary Page:

  1. Use Cerebro or a report to filter the results down to a specific market segment or persona that you are looking for, or choose a List you want to see the Summary page for
  2. Click "Show Summary"

Please Note: The Twitter Summary page has Twitter-specific data points: "Content Source" and "Popular Cashtags"


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