Using Market Intelligence

An ever-growing database of Follower Reports you can view and segment as if they were your own

Another great resource SocialRank offers is a library of Follower Reports we call Market Intelligence.


Market Intelligence is a way for our users to get insight into their competition and the audience makeup of brands they align with.


To search for a report in our database, simply use your search bar, toggle to Instagram or Twitter, and type the handle you want to look at.

If the brand comes up under “Reports Available Immediately”, that means you can click on the handle, and the report will appear!



You’ll also be able to look at previous refreshes in the “Showing:” dropdown.



You can filter and segment this report just as if it was your own, and as always, you can access the Summary Report for high-level data about the brand.


Important: There are about 10M reports in our Market Intelligence Database, but we can’t guarantee that the handle you search will be available! Market Intelligence is a supplementary feature for our users.


Next, we’ll show you how to combine your own Report, Lists, Cerebro and Market Intelligence to really get SocialRank working for you!