Vetting/Validating Influencers

An audience analysis will determine if a potential influencer’s audience aligns with your target audience, and most importantly, that they don’t already hold the same audience as you or another potential influencer.

The first step is to run a report on their audience to gain more insight. From your list of potential influencers, choose the top influencers and request their follower reports to run within SocialRank.

Revealing Audience Overlap

  • Use the comparison report to view how many followers are in both your potential influencer’s audience and your current audience

  • This will ensure that you are working with someone who doesn’t have the same following as your brand
    • It can also show you the potential reach you have for a new audience with this particular user
  • You can also get an overview of what your potential audience could be with multiple influencers by:
    • Saving all potential influencers’ follower report into a list
    • Comparing your follower report to the folder

Measuring Relevant influence

  • Relevant influence shows how much of the influencer’s audience identifies with or is posting about the topic around your brand. It shows how much influence they have in a particular space
  • For example, if your company mainly sells to mothers, you’ll want to know how much of this potential influencer’s audience is made up for mothers
  • Using the bio keyword and words, hashtags and emojis filters, you are able to analyze the influencer’s audience to see how much of their audience is a mother
  • Relevant influence validates the true makeup of an audience and gives you more confidence that you are reaching your target audience by partnering with an influencer

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