What Data Do You Take From Instagram? Is it safe?

Your data, your privacy, and SocialRank

At SocialRank, we know how important your privacy is, and we believe that compliance is incredibly important.

It's part of why we rely on uploads: we want to be as compliant as possible while still getting you the info you need on your audience.


What data am I uploading?


An Instagram Data Download is a ZIP file containing lots of information about your Instagram profile.

We don't want everything!

We only need one specific file called connections.json. It's a raw text file containing a list of your followers and the date they followed you, exactly like this:

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 1.22.00 PM

Why do I have to upload my data?


We need to compile analytics that are specific to your audience and followers to get you the insights you came for! Uploading the connections.json file is simply more reliable and cost-effective than data scraping, a practice that Instagram is working hard to eliminate.


What are you doing with my data?


We're generating a report for you.

We don't sell data.

We don't use it for any other purpose other than to create your report.

There's no personal information in your connections.json file.

We don't take any identifying information for your account.