What is a Report?

The building block of SocialRank

A Report is the basis of all the data on SocialRank- an analysis of the audience of a profile on either Instagram or Twitter. Your Report contains a list of all the followers (or following) of a particular handle, and key data metrics about the makeup of their audience.

Basic and Premium users can upload their data to refresh their SocialRank once a month!

Think of your Report like a monthly snapshot of your entire audience that is ready to be analyzed, segmented, sorted and filtered by you with all the tools we have on SocialRank.

How can I run my Report?

Your report gets run once a connections.json file downloaded from Instagram gets uploaded onto the platform!

For a step-by-step on how to request and upload your data, check out this article!

Expect a report upload to take a couple of hours, as we need to enrich the raw data an convert it into a report that you can use.

We're always happy to check on the status of your report for you, feel free to email us at support@trufan.io.

Can I change the Instagram and Twitter handle associated with my account?

You'll be able to request and upload one report per month, so if you'd like to change handles, simply request a data download from Instagram for the handle you'd like to run!

I have my Report, and I can see all my followers. Now what?

You can do a lot with your data! Keep following this guide for a walkthrough of our features, and make sure to attend the onboarding webinar with our Customer Success Team to get the most out of your subscription.


Stay with us, we’ll walk you through it!

Next, dive into your report and learn how to create segments to help you understand your audience.